Established back in 2011, 37 Square miles sxm is a clothing apparel company based in on St. Martin. The name comes from the size of the famous tiny half Dutch, half French island. This clothing brand has grown and expanded and is continuing to climb. Shirts printed in red, white and blue, representing the island flag colors.  37 Square Miles phrase captures the hearts and imagination of the people in the isle. It even spawned other shirts titled Sunshine City Sxm, another moniker the island is famously known for.

Mission and vision: 

“Embracing and promoting culture through fashion and art.”

Aims to be the top apparel line on the island that represents the culture and heritage of Sint Maarten/ Saint Martin, as well as collaborate with other organizations to educate the youth and adults about the islands history, culture, extracurricular fun activities that are traditionally marketed toward tourist.

Red color shirt = Hibiscus Red (Inspired by the famous flower that grows on the island)
Blue color shirt = Mullet Bay Blue (Named after one of the most recognized beaches on the island)
White color shirt = Sea shell white (Named after the white pearl shells spread across the 37 beaches on the island)
Black color shirt = Flag Colors (Shirt colors were inspired by both the French side and Dutch side flag)
Black on Black shirt = Coal Pot Black (named after the coal pots that were used in the past )

  • Project Type: Photography
  • Software: Photoshop, Lightroom
  • Tools: Canon EOS Rebel t3i & Canon EOS 1100D
  • Date: 2015