USC Student Manual is a book designed for student migrating from the Caribbean to the Netherlands. Inside students can learn about the entire process of moving and living in the Netherlands.
The manual can be downloaded at

Create a student friendly book, present important information for students in a visually compeling way that.
Stay within the organizations house style and lastly final version should be suitable for both print and digital copy.

My contribution:
The manual was designed by media team consisting of 4 people. The book consist of 10 chapters, my task was to design 4 out of the 10 chapters this includes image sourcing and chapter layout. (My contributions, chapters: 4, 6, 8 and 9). Chapter 8 is my favorite 😉

The manually was successfully launched in 2018, the book is available in both print and digital copy.

  • Project Type: Flyer
  • Software: Photoshop CC