Child Abuse vs. Child Discipline: Communicating the Differences to Citizens of Sint Maarten

This research paper details best practices for communicating the differences between ‘child abuse’ and ‘discipline’ to citizens of Sint Maarten.

•Literature review includes proven strategies for changing cultural norms that support violence against children.
• Focus group data uncovers the public’s perception of child abuse and child discipline.
• Interview report with the Head of the Department of Youth Affairs covers the results from past strategies by the Department.
• Digital survey results highlight appropriate communication channels and content strategies for engaging with citizens.

While developing a solution and advice, a consumer profile was created as well as consumer touch points model to review how citizens would come in contact with the chosen communication strategy and what possible ways could the program be improved

  • Project Type: Marketing Communication
  • Research: Literature review, focus groups data, digital survey and semi-structured interview results
  • Client: Department of Youth Affairs, Sint Maarten Government
  • Date: 2017